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Universal For Home

This universal tailors tape is perfect for home décor and décorum. It is a double side tailor's tape with a 60 inch length that can be used for either black or white fabric. It is made of adhesive on one side and a adhesive on the other side. It is also a adhesive backscrews that make it easy to stick it to anything.

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The universal mini ip camera for home is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home security camera. This camera is wifi enabled and features hd 1080p dvr quality video. It also features night vision and hidden camera features to make your video security even more added onto your home.
the universal for home 3x usb wall charger power adapter is perfect for using with your favorite electronics items. This charger will charge your devices in the air, making it perfect for using in your home or office. The fast and easy setup is perfect for a busy lifestyle and the power of a 3x usb cable will be easy to use.